Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girls best accessory

Well I’m sure you all wandering what I’m talking about... What could be the best and the perfect accessory?! Cute neckless? Or maybe extraordinary bag? Or a pair of gorgeous shoes??

Actually I’m talking about the love of my life, a living creature 'Choopy' my sweet and little Yorkshire terrier. Of course I don’t really consider him as an accessory, I just wanted to make him the topic of this post :) Isn't he photogenic??

After I cleared things up, we can talk a little bit about fashion.
I have to confess that I never like all that nude and light colors, especially on me. I have kinda light skin and my hair is not the darkest, so I never thought it would look good on me. That I will look faded up or something. But somehow I really liked the outfit I came up with. It’s casual and kinda polished. I think the colors have good flow together.

Oh and the sweater is my fave!! It’s oversized and so comfy, I “stole” it from my grandma. Well not really stole just really liked him when I visited her, and she was like “of course take it!!!” (I love my grandma) So I guess I can call it a vintage item (and he still has shoulder pads…. isn't that awesome?)

Waiting to hear what do you think about wearinig ligth and soft color as a total look? :)

sweater - vintage ^_~
pants - forever21
full gold bracelet - Adika
black and gold bracelet & neckless  - Aldo
coat - Monopol



  1. Awww the dog is so cute!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.com

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  2. aww, that sweater looks super pretty. I generally like the colors of this outfit a lot


  3. What a cute dog!

  4. Such a lovely coat :)

    Bisous bisous from France :)


  5. He really is cute! And your outfit is so chic too! Also thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY