Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's time for competition

hey guys!! recently i bought bunch of new stuff :D
I'll show you some of them:

1.The perfume-

2.The sunglasses-

3.The ring-

4.The bracelet-

So wich one you prefer/like the most? :D


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mall Carnaval

Just a random evening when I went whit my freinds watch a movie and hang out at the mall :D


Zebra car <3

Leather jacket - dont remmeba de store.. - 16 $
Shirt - 10.5 $
Jeans - Yoop 8 $
Boots - Scoop 27 $
Necklace - Gift
Bag - TwentyFourSeven 5 $

XOXO.Kristina =-*

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wild Rings

holla muchachos ;D
I feel im in a midle of wild period at my mood changes all the time from high to low, calm to WILD. and its really hard 2 control it. Due the fact im in the army now each day you do so many things, some are fun, dificult and somtimes unclear for the moment(cuz no1 explain you the logic behind the action) its really affects on you.You feel in the air and you cant control what is happening or at least understand it.As if everything around you turns,eventually you will feel I feel now.

 Dress-Organic 21.5$
Shoes-Maki 7$
Ring-TwentyFourSeven 1$(!!)
Triple Ring-TwentyFourSeven 1$(!!)
Nail Polish-Jade 4$

Have a nice DAY! xx.Kristina

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yellow Fairy

OMG, finally i have a little time for some updates at my blog :)
the reson I wasnet here for a while is: ----> I joind the army!!! it's not like I had the chance 2 choose if I wanna go or not, every1 in Israel go 2 the army when they get old enough(18 years old). But if I had the chance 2 choose I would do it anyway because our country is very small and surrounded by enemies and im proud 2 be a part of this humane army :) even from the army name u can understand that it exists to protect!
The name: IDF=Israel Defense Forces.

ok now lets talk about Clothes haha :D
all week im in the army and come back only for 2 days:Friday and Saturday. so i have zero time 2 take picz of my outfits,thats the reson for the bad qality. This spesific outfit I wore for a arrangements day:

 the back:

New glasses ^__^ :

Shorts-Yarka 21.5$
Belt-hadar 2.6$
Bag-hadar 11$
Glasses-twenty four seven 1.5$(Sale!!!)

xx.Kristina <3

Friday, July 29, 2011

River flows in you

Yesterday i was at one holy place called "Yardenit" at the Jordan River, a place where jeasus were at his jorny. Well I'm not really into the "religon" so this side of the site didn't really interested me. But the place it self is really beautiful and i even had the opportunity to feed a kind of a beaver that looks like a wet Rat haha xD, he was mega cute and wasn't afraid come near to me and just grab the "pita" (=Israeli brad) from my hands :D


Btw, the dress is new! bought like 2 days ago whit some other stuff----> wait for a post whit close ups whit the new clothes ^___^

Dress-Bordo 9$ (!!!)
Shoes-Berma 35$
Ring-Castro 3$

Okie I'm out whit my new wheels that I found outsid the site... XOXO

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't forget to dream!

Dreams are necessary to life,whitout them we wont have any reason to continue to the next day.
They are our goals for our future that seem be to perfect to happen in real life but, All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 
Well I wish ill have enough courage to become a Fashion Designer ^__^ !!!

Share whit me ----> What is your DREAM?? :)

Dress-Zara 11.5$
Shoes-Maki 7$
Love ring-TALLY WEiJL (part of a set)
Bow ring-accessorize 6$

XoXo  Kristina.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I went 2 the movies

Hey cupcakes :3
After a little break of not posting...I really missed the blog and here I am,updating!
This is my outfit when I went 2 watch a movie whit my freinds. Hope u like it ><

Top-La Loca 17.5$
Pants-twentyfourseven 9$
Shoes-Maki 7$

xx.Kristina :*

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simple black&white

Hello,the outfit at this post is really simple and mabey not worthy 2 be in a fashion blog. But still I really like the photos cuz they were taken on one of my school trips, in one gorgeous graden  ^__^. I hope you will like them too.

Shirt-H&M 17.5$
Pants-twentyfourseven 9$
Shoes-LeeCooper 30$
Earrings- 3$


Monday, May 30, 2011

Oversize Zara inspiration.

I just love this white oversize zara t-shirt,she is so comffy ;) and
you can do alot of different options whit her.
And of course the picture on it is sooo cute ^__^ (btw,i was trying 2 stand like it(=picture) and i couldnt get any balance  so a lot of falling were captured whit the camera hahaha xD. and Sorry u will not see it)
: and some more picz whit the T-shirt

Tights-Sun Jet-11.5$ mam'z,so dunno the price haha

xxx.kristina :)