Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wild Rings

holla muchachos ;D
I feel im in a midle of wild period at my mood changes all the time from high to low, calm to WILD. and its really hard 2 control it. Due the fact im in the army now each day you do so many things, some are fun, dificult and somtimes unclear for the moment(cuz no1 explain you the logic behind the action) its really affects on you.You feel in the air and you cant control what is happening or at least understand it.As if everything around you turns,eventually you will feel I feel now.

 Dress-Organic 21.5$
Shoes-Maki 7$
Ring-TwentyFourSeven 1$(!!)
Triple Ring-TwentyFourSeven 1$(!!)
Nail Polish-Jade 4$

Have a nice DAY! xx.Kristina