Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yellow Fairy

OMG, finally i have a little time for some updates at my blog :)
the reson I wasnet here for a while is: ----> I joind the army!!! it's not like I had the chance 2 choose if I wanna go or not, every1 in Israel go 2 the army when they get old enough(18 years old). But if I had the chance 2 choose I would do it anyway because our country is very small and surrounded by enemies and im proud 2 be a part of this humane army :) even from the army name u can understand that it exists to protect!
The name: IDF=Israel Defense Forces.

ok now lets talk about Clothes haha :D
all week im in the army and come back only for 2 days:Friday and Saturday. so i have zero time 2 take picz of my outfits,thats the reson for the bad qality. This spesific outfit I wore for a arrangements day:

 the back:

New glasses ^__^ :

Shorts-Yarka 21.5$
Belt-hadar 2.6$
Bag-hadar 11$
Glasses-twenty four seven 1.5$(Sale!!!)

xx.Kristina <3


  1. Super video! J'adore! Bisous

    Angela Donava

  2. Cute glasses! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!

  3. adoro gli occhiali!

    xoxo from rome